I'm an artist, plant parent and friend. Nice to meet you!
melina vera-jaramillo

Healing Loudly (2022 - ) is part of an ongoing project inspired by my desire to care for indoor plants and my belief that they have the power to heal, at least in my case, intergenerational trauma. This attachment to these sentient beings began long before I could explain it. It all started in the coffee plantations of Jardín, Colombia, where my maternal grandmother was born and worked as a child. When the family's safety was threatened by the national turmoil in the 1950s, they were forcibly displaced to Medellin and began a new life.

The pandemic hit many of us harder than we could have imagined; the isolation was at times depressing, but it was also a great place for introspection. During the time of lockdown, I found solace in my plants. My grandmother had done the same thing once she had established a garden of her own. She made certain that her brother, who still lived in her hometown brought her a coffee plant, this way, she would still have a piece of Jardin with her. Taking care of her plants had turned into a labour of love rather than a means of survival. This sentiment gives me hope, as I honour her legacy as I heal, resist, and survive.

My grandmother Herminia in her garden, Medellin, Colombia, 1974